FNH FNS-40 Slide Cerakoted in Orange & Red Flames

Cerakote Modern Tactical is a certified Cerakote Services Dealer

What is Cerakote?

Cerakote is the World’s Toughest and Finest firearms finish.  It’s best to describe it as a ceramic-based  “shell” adhered to metals, plastics, polymers, and wood. The cerakote seal protects your firearm from any damaging compounds that would lessen value and, more importantly, hinder potential functionality.
Cerakote has gained its reputation for being the finest firearm finish in real world use. Laboratory testing has ensured a cerakote finish meets the most stringent criteria to be called the World’s Toughest and Finest firearm finish.  Cerakote is able to withstand over 3,500 hours of salt-water spray without any corrosion being detected. Eliminating corrosion especially benefits waistband carried firearms.

Modern Tactical offers CeraTactical services inhouse conveniently within driving distance for anyone in the Greater Philadelphia Area.  Cerakote services are also available nationwide by mail.  Speak to our Cerakote Specialist, Kedron, to learn more.

How does it work?

The process begins with completely stripping the firearm down to all of its parts and cleaning any surface particles by degreasing the gun. The parts are then sandblasted to remove the existing factory finish allowing the Cerakote to properly adhere to all the nooks and crannies of the item being coated. Once stripped and cleaned the parts are then heated in an oven to remove any other solvents or contaminants. The parts are masked for any designs or patterns being applied and then hung so that they can be coated. Parts are sprayed at 1/1000th of an inch thickness, ensuring that tolerances are kept, manufacturer markings are visible and each nook that makes your gun, knife, or other item unique remains. After being sprayed the parts are then returned to the oven for curing. Once complete the firearm is then reassembled.

Watch this video to see the process. 


Cerakote is able to withstand over 3500 hours of salt spray without any corrosion being detected. This means that those long, hot, sweaty days of taking your carry firearm out of its holster only to discover it has rusted are over.  This is especially important for inside the waistband carry.

Along with Cerakote obtaining the maximum hardness rating of 9h on the ASTM D3363 hardness scale, Cerakote’s durability has been proven in that it has withstood the maximum 160in/ lbs of impact using the ASTM D2794 durability standard in lab tests.  In addition, Cerakote’s flexibility is proven with the ASTM D522 mandrel bend test.  Under these conditions, Cerakote exhibited no signs of cracking, elongating, or detachment.  The real world application means that your favorite firearm’s Cerakote finish will remain in as-good-as-new condition even when subjected to the normal bumps and dings that happen to all firearms during regular use.  Your fireman’s Cerakote finish simply will not chip away.

Cerakote holds the highest rating of 5B in the adhesion test ASTM D3359 which is a way to measure how well the coating bonds to its substrate.  Because of these properties, Cerakote completely blows the competition out of the water in abrasion resistance.  Gun bluing, has been the firearm industry standard for more than a century. Bluing’s abrasion resistance is a mere 500 cycles per mil before failure.   Duracoat, a trailing competitor of Cerakote, fails at 641 cycles per mil.  Parkerizing fails at 690 cycles.  Gunkote fails at 744 cycles.  Cerakote is able to withstand an unheard of 6000 cycles per mil before failure.  No other competitor can even come close.


You no longer need to worry about your favorite bore scrubber or cleaner damaging the finish on your firearms.  Cerakote was tested by dipping finished parts in several chemicals ranging from gun cleaner, WD40, acetone, paint thinner etc. and proved to have excellent chemical resistance.  Cerakote even was even able to obtain a good chemical resistance rating after soaking in a 5% Hydrocholoric acid solution. 


A variety of color and pattern options allow you to customize your firearm.  Modern Tactical has over 70 colors to choose from.  Pattern options provide additional customizing  beyond a solid color.  Our, Cerakote Applicator, Kedron, can make sure you not only protect your cherished weapon, but give it the appearance you never thought was possible.  Please contact us at for further details. 

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