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Level 2 Tactical Serpa Holster


Now: $119.99
Was: $137.99

Made specifically to meet the demands of tactical operations, the Level 2 Tactical Holster gives you the benefits of a drop-leg configuration for ideal holster location. It also comes equipped with a... More Info

Proteus Versipak


Now: $62.99
Was: $69.99

The PROTEUS VERSIPACK is an ideal small pack for those who want to keep their options open.  With numerous pockets and attachment points, it is an excellent piece of gear for keeping your smaller... More Info

Two Point Battle Sling


Now: $32.00
Was: $36.00 - $39.00

You need to cover some dangerous ground. You need your weapon at-the-ready. You need Troy Industries’ capable and comfortable Two Point Slings. The cushioned, non-slip shoulder pad is reversible... More Info

6.2" Battle Rail Cover


Now: $7.00 - $16.00
Was: $7.50 - $20.00

Troy Rail Covers are engineered to survive the most extreme conditions. Constructed from durable, heat & chemical resistant synthetic polymer resin, the Troy Rail Cover quickly and easily slides... More Info

Leather Inside-the-Pants Holster


Now: $59.99
Was: $69.99

Rear Folding Battle Sight (DOA)


Now: $105.00
Was: $119.00

Advanced design, superior sighting and battle-ready toughness define Troy Industries’ Di-Optic Aperture (DOA) Folding Rear BattleSight. These sights provide lightning fast target acquisition and... More Info

FrogLub CLP Paste


Now: $12.00
Was: $15.00

Froglube Paste is a new and improved gun cleaner and CLP. It is a cutting edge biodegradable lubricant made from "food-grade" ingredients using a proprietary formula. It is a non-toxic... More Info

Rail Vertical Grip (RVG)


Now: $21.99
Was: $24.95

Designed for use with 1913 Picatinny railed hand guards, the RVG is a basic, light weight, cost-effective vertical fore grip. Shape is ergonomically designed for use as a traditional vertical grip. It... More Info

Medieval Muzzle Break


Now: $40.00
Was: $45.00

Keep steady during rapid fire with our Medieval Muzzle Brake. This rugged brake enhances control and accuracy during full auto and rapid fire. It’s tough enough to serve as an improvised... More Info

Claymore Muzzle Break


Now: $55.00
Was: $64.00

Directs muzzle blast and sound forward, away from the shooter, while retaining effective muzzle brake properties. Very low dust signature, without swirling effect. Works as an improvised breaching... More Info

SERPA CQC Holster w/Matte Finish


Now: $44.99 - $49.99
Was: $49.99

The design of the BlackHawk CQC SERPA Holster – Matte Finish allows you to forget old-fashioned thumb breaks that slow your draw and complicate re-holstering. The patented SERPA lock engages the... More Info

Professional Grade Rifle Receiver Sling Adapter


Now: $43.00
Was: $49.00

The Troy Rifle Receiver Sling Adapter enhances reliability by securing receiver extension nut prevents rotation of buffer tube Installs in less than 2 minutes No gunsmithing required Hardened T6... More Info

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